National Youth Dance Company

National Youth Dance Company


"NYDC's work is unequivocally good for its young dancers, but it is also good for audiences, offering a rewarding tour around Planet Cherkaoui."

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“This show is about the next generation of dancers. They are skilful, strong and ready for anything” Daily Telegraph.

To create Frame[d], 2014-15 NYDC Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and his team of artists worked with the company to revisit moments from four of his works, integrating new ideas and movement material from the dancers in a stimulating collaborative process. The result is a powerful piece which presents the newly developed skills and expressive powers of the performers.

When I looked at NYDC, I saw a lot of colours and a lot of potential. I wanted to pass on knowledge of my creative process and the way that Eastman, my company works. Thinking about the company, it felt relevant to re-mount sections of Babel(words), Puz/zle, Loin and TeZukA and find ways for the material to belong to them; the imagery and elements can work particularly well with large groups of dancers and it is exciting to be able to use the size of the cast to amplify certain moments. It is a beautiful thing to see how these young dancers bring the material to life and how they are able to work within a large group yet still find their individual place and expression within that. This large group of dancers has enabled us to explore connections and boarders, the idea of us all being connected, maybe being put with people not of our choosing but having to learn to give and take. So there is no room for personal issues or ego but plenty of opportunity for fun, dedication and hard work. This is the exercise of life. – Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui


  • 11 APRIL 2015
    Premiere, Sadler's Wells, London
  • 21 JUNE 2015
    mac, Birmingham
  • 4 JULY 2015
    Dance City, Newcastle
  • 12 JULY 2015
    Stanley and Audrey Burton Theatre, Leeds
  • 19 JULY 2015
    Latitude Festival, Suffolk
  • 21 JULY 2015
    DanceEast, Jerwood DanceHouse, Ipswich
  • 23 JULY 2015
    Pavilion Dance South West, Bournemouth
  • 25 JULY 2015
    U.Dance 2015, Theatre Royal, Plymouth


Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui

Director & Choreographer

Leif Firnhaber

Assistant Choreographer

Navala Chaudhari

Assistant Choreographer

Elias Lazaridis

Assistant Choreographer

Elie Tass

Assistant Choreographer

Anthony Gormley

Set Design

Adam Carrée

Lighting Design

Alexandra Gilbert

Costume Designer