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Company Blog: Bar

NYDC dancer Bar reflects on her experience of working with Michael Keegan-Dolan during the February Residency

The second residency was as amazing as the first, but it was a very different experience. It was more focused on creating the piece. Therefore, we had to knuckle down, work hard and create.

During the build up to the second residency, I really tried to envisage our piece and what it would become, however, I had no idea what Michael was imagining and what he had planned. I discovered why I felt that way, when Michael said ‘You all have no idea what the piece is going to look like, I’ll tell you a secret, neither do I’. I thought this was fabulous, as it meant we could all experiment together and create the piece as a company. It was really fascinating to watch Michael explore every moment within the space, bit by bit helping me to understand the piece’s intention.

Every day we would create new material, but it didn’t seem much, but by the end of the week we had created a full fifty-minute piece. As timing is a big factor in our piece, it was difficult to process the timing for each individual section. However, because there are so many of us, it is easy to feel each other’s rhythm and follow it together. This is why I think this process is so special. I feel one would not find this experience anywhere else especially at this age. Everyone is so dedicated and accepting of each other’s style and feeling that we all support each other. It is so different to any other creative process I have ever experienced, as Michael has used us and our individuality to make this piece, while bringing us all together.

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