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Company Blog: John

NYDC dancer John reflects on his experience of working with Michael Keegan-Dolan

During the second residency the focus shifted from creating a bond as a company to working towards the exhilarating premiere at Sadler’s Wells in April; it’s unbelievably exciting!

The way we’re working with Michael is unlike any choreographer I’ve worked with before, the way we create work with him is honestly and truly influenced directly by every member of the company; it feels so personal! All of the phrases we work on, that Michael, Rachel and James teach us are inspired by our improvisation from the previous residency. It’s such a unique way of working as not only are we a close knit company in regards to the way we dance and work together in and out of the studio but we are all connected through the work!

It’s a wonderful feeling dancing with what have now become such good friends and thinking “This is Molly’s section, okay how do I embody Molly?” or “Lucia’s is coming up, I need to be calm and beautifully precise!” Or “I remember when Chad first did this in improvisation, it was amazing!” for example. That connection with every member of the company and as a result every step, every phrase, every moment within the piece is completely unique and a big change to anything I’ve ever done before; a welcome change at that, it’s beautiful.

There’s something so incredible about NYDC as you’re only together with the artists and other company members for 4 weeks in total before the premiere however it feels like a lifetime; in the best possible way! You feel like you’ve been working with and you have known the company for years, you become so connected with everyone, know exactly how everyone moves and it’s wonderful! You learn so much from the artists that you’d only think you could learn from working with them for months, however at the end of the second residency I’ve already learnt an unreal amount and been inspired over and over again!

With the next residency approaching fast the feeling of anticipation and excitement is indescribable! Bring on the premiere!

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