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2022 Production: Quartier Paradis by Alesandra Seutin

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    Quartier Paradis dives into parallel universes where there is no apparent endgame, a place built on the fantasy of an ardent greed for a power that continuously shifts. Where ritual, memories and ancestral heritage will keep you standing; revealing the alarming reality of a society locked in a cycle of tyranny. Who will eat the apple?

    Guest Artistic Director and Choreographer 2020-22 Alesandra Seutin
    Assistants to the choreographer Nandi Bhebhe, Jo Leahy, Akeim Toussaint Buck
    Lighting Designer Adam Carrée
    Costume Designer Ryan Dawson Laight
    Composer Randolph Matthews
    Documentary Film Director Ben Williams

    NYDC Dancers (2021/22)
    Roshaan Asare, Ella Atkinson, Jesse Baggett-Lahav, James Cale, Ashur Cali, Olivia Cheung, Rory Clarke, Simeon Corder, Kian Crowley, Isabella Doick, Maya Donne, Jess Dowdswell, Phoebe Dowglass, Skiye Edmond, Aimee Farrell, Gabby Gano, Seby Harry, Lottie Hawkins, Jade Himpleman, Mads Jesson, Jocelyn Johnson, Josie Linscer, Renèe Miller-Reid, Adhya Shastry, Naomi Sonoiki, Olivia Stewart, Tekitha Traniece, Mahala Tucker, Amari Webb-Martin, Maddy Westhead, Lily White, Genevieve Wright

    Tour Dates

    16 April 2022

    World Premiere, DanceCity Newcastle

    3 July 2022

    AMATA, Falmouth

    9 July 2022

    Jerwood DanceHouse, DanceEast, Ipswich

    16 July 2022

    Bold Tendencies, London

    20 July 2022

    Riley Theatre, Leeds

    22 July 2022

    MAC, Birmingham (as part of U.Dance 2022)

    3 September 2022

    Sadler’s Wells, London



    Set in multiple parallel worlds, Seutin’s highly theatrical show is about cycles of power which across an hour of performance consumes and recharges different societal groups as they attempt to make sense of their identity and evolution. It is a narrative built on dystopia and science fiction, while also drawing its thematic influence from concepts of memory, performative ritual and evolutionary theories in which the dancers strive for commonality until someone lunges for power.
    Maryam Philpott, The ReviewsHub
    The National Youth Dance Company (NYDC) is a remarkable project: an ever-changing group of dancers, mostly aged 16-19, who work with a different choreographer each year to develop a new performance. It’s a diverse company that integrates different body shapes, including disabled dancers, and different dance trainings, and they all bring impressive technique, full-on energy and a great sense of professionalism to the stage. This year’s show is Quartier Paradis by choreographer Alesandra Seutin (whose background includes a specialism in contemporary African dance), and takes place at Bold Tendencies, a very hip performance space in a south London multi-storey car park – just the right place for such a youthful, raw, underground happening.
    Lyndsey Winship, The Guardian
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Roselynn, Manchester

Roselynn started dancing in her bedroom as a self taught dancer. She auditioned for the Lowry CAT scheme in 2022 and is in her second year of training. She has experience in Contemporary, Commercial, and a bit of Kathak but would love to dance every style if she could.