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In – Nocentes by Michael Keegan-Dolan 2015-16

In 2016, NYDC premiered a new work by the critically acclaimed Sadler’s Wells Associate Artist and NYDC 2015-16 Guest Artistic Director Michael Keegan-Dolan, award-winning Founder and Artistic Director of the former Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre.

With In – Nocentes, Guest Artistic Director Keegan-Dolan pays homage to young people’s daring, openness to life and unadulterated enjoyment of it, free of all the questioning and risk-aversion normally triggered in adults by experience. His admiration for the powerful nature of youth’s state of innocence is reflected in a choreographic language that emphasises the young dancers’ spontaneity and raw energy, as well as their differing individual styles.

I have never been in a rehearsal room so full of diverse experience and energy – MICHAEL KEEGAN-DOLAN

“So much commitment and energy that no one could doubt that dance is in their blood” THE TIMES, APRIL 2016

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Throughout June and July 2016 NYDC toured the country with their production of In-Nocentes by Michael Keegan-Dolan.

The tour included:

  • 10 performances across all five areas of the country
  • On tour, In-Nocentes was seen by over 5400 people, this combined with audience figures for the premiere in April means that over 6750 people saw NYDC perform In- Nocentes in 2016.

Sadler’s Wells, London (premiere performance) – 7th April

Lakeside Arts, Nottingham – 26th June

Dance City, Newcastle – 3rd July

Stanley and Audrey Burton Theatre, Leeds – 4th July

The Lowry, Salford (U.Dance Festival) – 8th July

Waterfront Stage, Latitude Festival – 17th July

DanceEast, Ipswich – 19th July

AMATA, Falmouth (matinee and evening) – 21st July

mac, Birmingham – 23rd July