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Speak Volumes by Alesandra Seutin

Speak Volumes by NYDC 2020-21 Guest Artistic Director Alesandra Seutin Premiered at Sadler’s Wells on 24th July 2021 and then toured nationally in August 2021. Speak Volumes is an open floor for the voices of the younger ones of these times, a space for their existence and truth to be heard, acknowledged and experienced lights on.

Enter our private sphere

Dive into our ocean

But surrender your barriers,

Let the waves pass right through you

Swimming through seas of emotional liquid

Now you can too.

Let us shift every cell inside your body

Let our vibrations hold your bones, awaken your mind and

See what you find

We embody the sound of screaming

it’s silent

We say so much,

it’s quiet.

Excerpt text by Maya Donne, NYDC Company Member 2020/21

Speak Volumes Trailer