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2021 Production: Speak Volumes by Alesandra Seutin

  • Information & Credits

    20th July

    Jerwood Dance House – DanceEast, Ipswich

    24th July

    Sadler’s Wells, London

    22nd August

    AMATA, Falmouth

    28th August

    Bold Tendencies, London (Matinee & Evening)

    Speak Volumes by NYDC 2020-21 Guest Artistic Director Alesandra Seutin premiered at Sadler’s Wells on 24th July 2021 and then toured nationally in August 2021. Speak Volumes is an open floor for the voices of the younger ones of these times, a space for their existence and truth to be heard, acknowledged and experienced lights on.


    Production Credits 

    Alesandra Seutin – Guest Choreographer

    Nandi Bhebhe – Assistants to the Choreographer

    Jo Leahy- Assistants to the Choreographer

    Blue Makwana- Assistants to the Choreographer

    Akeim Toussaint Buck- Assistants to the Choreographer

    Adam Carrée – Lighting Designer

    Ryan Dawson Laight – Costume Designer

    Kingsley Hall – Costume Supervisor

    Katy Adeney –  Costume Makers

    Rosie Whiting – Costume Makers

    Kari Levie – Costume Assistant

    Michael ‘Mikey J’ Asante – Music Producer & Director

    Randolph Matthews – Composer & Songwriter

    Text Alesandra Seutin and the company

    Ben Williams – Film Director

    Blair Moore – Film Assistant

    Bia Oliveira – Producer

    Adam Carrée – Production Manager

    Nic Holdridge – Touring Production Manager / Relighter

    Mark Webber – Sound Engineer

    Megan McArthur – British Sign Language Interpreter

    Speak Volumes Dancers – Deborah Asidi, Charlotte Aspin, Ella Atkinson, Jesse Baggett-Lahav, Ashur Cali, Keziah Campbell-Golding, Elvi Christiansen Head, Rory Clarke, Sonny Connor-Bell, Kian Crowley, Karim Dime, Maya Donne, Phoebe Dowglass, Skiye Edmond, Maia Faulkner, Harry Fayers, Willow Fenner, Mia Grote, Maiya Leeke, Mirabelle Haddon, Jasmine Massey, Chiara Moore, Max Mulrenan, Jamaica Payne, Eve Shorten, Katie Smith, Amari Webb-Martin, Ciaran Wood & Genevieve Wright


    Excerpt text by Maya Donne, NYDC Company Member 2020/21

    Enter our private sphere

    Dive into our ocean

    But surrender your barriers,

    Let the waves pass right through you

    Swimming through seas of emotional liquid

    Now you can too.

    Let us shift every cell inside your body

    Let our vibrations hold your bones, awaken your mind and

    See what you find

    We embody the sound of screaming

    it’s silent

    We say so much,

    it’s quiet.

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    The tour included:

    5 performances in 4 different venues

    3 different towns and cities visited

    10 days spent together

    56.5 hours of rehearsals and performance

    One site specific dance for screen excerpt filmed

    A total of 1060 audience members saw Speak Volumes