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2017 Production: Tarantiseismic by Damien Jalet

  • Information & Credits


    In 2017, NYDC premiered a new work at Sadler’s Wells, created by 2016-17 Guest Artistic Director, Damien Jalet.

    Inspired by Tarantism, a frenzied dance characteristic of Southern Italy, in Tarantiseismic, Damien explores ideas of melancholia and abandon, deftly drawing on the 39 young dancers’ unbridled energy and passion for the art form.

    Driven by their urge to dance, we explore together
    in Tarantiseismic how notions of abandonment, instability, empowerment
    through collective energy could convey in one common, complex yet transcending rhythm – DAMIEN JALET

    “The choreographer Damien Jalet gives his young dancers a strong starting concept for this energetic, exhilarating show” THE TIMES, APRIL 2017


    Production Credits

    Damien Jalet – Guest Artistic Director and Choreographer

    Aimilios Arapoglou – Assistant Choreographers

    James O’Hara – Assistant Choreographers

    Navala Chaudhari – Touring Rehearsal Director

    Dave King – Composer/Musician

    Jim Hodges – Stage Design

    Carlos Marques da Cruz – Stage Design

    Natasha Chivers – Lighting Designer

    Jay Barry Matthews – Costume Designer

    Bia Oliveira – Senior Producer

    Hannah Kirkpatrick – NYDC General Manager

    Lucy Clarke-Bishop -Assistant Producer, Learning
    and Engagement

    Adam Carrée – Technical Production Manager

    Tarantiseismic Dancers – Monique Ademilola, Nana Appiah, Dan Baines, Jasmine Bayes, Paulina Bazala, Jodie Bray, Holly Brennan, Eleanor Chapman, Isis Clunie, Paul Davidson, George Dietrich, Paul Dixon, Hannah Draper, Bethany Emmerson, Jeran Entwistle, Rhea Fearon-Auld, Jamie Flatters, Beth
    Gardiner, Martha Gardner, Goran Gbo, Frankie Goodinson, Christian Griffin, Matilda Hadcock, Ashton Hall, Zakarius Harry, Alex Henderson, Tommy Hodgkins, Noga Inspector, Oscar Li, Niamh Keeling, Rufus Lacey, Adanna Lawrence, Alexander Love, Nicole Nevitt, Ethan Nott, Kia Skilbeck, Alex Thirkle, Sua TsubokuraAguiriano, Archie White

    Tour Dates

    Tarantiseismic premiered to a sold out audience at Sadler’s Wells on 19th April 2017 and then toured across the country during June and July 2017.

    The tour included:

    – 10 performances across all five areas of the country

    – Over 4000 people saw Tarantiseismic on tour

    – The total audience figure combined with the premiere in April means that 5629 people saw NYDC perform Tarantiseismic in 2017

    19th April 2017

    Sadler’s Wells, London

    15th June 2017

    Peninsula Arts, Plymouth

    1st July 2017

    DanceCity, Newcastle

    8th July 2017

    Curve Theatre, Leicester

    14th July 2017

    Hippodrome, Birmingham

    16th July 2017

    Waterfront Stage, Latitude Festival

    18th July 2017

    DanceEast, Ipswich

    20th July

    Middleton Hall, Hull


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