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National Youth Dance Company

Taking Part Safely

NYDC aims for everyone to have a great time during our workshops. If you’re taking part in online activity with us, we want to ensure that you can stay safe. 

By participating in the online workshops (live or pre-recorded),

all dancers and parents/guardians agree to follow the stated guidance:

  • Prepare a clear, open space: Set-up the space you plan to dance in, and ensure you are able to move safely make sure the area is clear from furniture, wires, or other hazards including pets or other family members who may be walking through. NYDC is aware that many people do not have large areas available for dancing in their homes, so our classes are suited to this.
  • Ensure appropriate clothing / background: Please make sure the background of your webcam (or camera when filming) is pointing in a safe direction and not exposing any sensitive or private information in your home. Please also wear appropriate clothes that are comfortable to move in. During live online workshops all participants’ videos must be on at all times so we can identify you during the workshop.
  • Listen carefully to instructions: Our workshop leaders will be leading you through a warm-up, cool-down and a creative session. Give it your all, even if it is something you haven’t done before – don’t panic – just give it a try. If you are having trouble seeing or understanding something, in a live session you can send a message via the zoom chat function, or during the pre-recorded workshop email nydc@sadlerswells.com and a member of the NYDC team will do our best to assist. 
  • Listen to your body: You know your body better than anyone. Be aware of how your body is feeling, and work within your means. Be mindful of previous injuries and ensure you have a bottle of water nearby. 
  • Respect the safety of others: For any live online workshops it is not permitted to share the Zoom class link with anybody, or to take photographs/videos of the zoom screen transmission at any time.
  • Arrive on time: During live online workshops the Zoom stream will open 15 minutes before class begins – please join when you’re ready. NYDC will be using the ‘Waiting Room’ feature on Zoom, and will be letting in dancers in one-by-one and matching the name of those in the waiting room with the name of people who have registered. if your Zoom name is different from the one that you’ve registered with, NYDC will not be able to let you in. If you’re struggling, please text the number provided in your registration e-mail.
  • Computer safety: Zoom requires the use of webcam, and all video submissions must be uploaded to one of the platforms we outline below, so we recommend having good security software installed and a strong wireless network password.
Please note that NYDC is not responsible or liable should the unlikely even happen that a dancer sustains an injury or damage is incurred during the online dance workshop. All dancers participate at their own risk.
 Video Submission Privacy & Safety Guidelines:

– Private Safety features for Video Audition Submissions:


Follow the instructions in the link above for updating your video’s privacy settings (select Private with Link) and remove the ability to download the video.

Google Drive

Follow instructions in Step 2 under “Share a link to the file” (for no. 5 Choose, ‘Viewer’ Setting). Be sure to only share the specific video file(s) not an album or any other information in your Google Drive.


Follow instructions and share with ‘View Only Permissions’. Be sure to only share the specific video file(s) not an album or any other information in your Dropbox.


Follow instructions and select Visibility: ‘Private’

You then just need to send us an email, with your full name and the link/links to your task. Email: nydc@sadlerswells.com

 Further Resources:

– NYDC Risk Assessments: nydc@sadlerswells.com

– Sadler’s Wells – Safeguarding Policy

– International Association of Dance Medicine and Science  – First Aid For Dancers